Helpful Tips for your tube TV Removal

Tube TV removal seems straight forward, but in reality it can be very difficult. Disposing of a tube TV can be even more of a hassle than you think. Finding a place to drop it off is just as tricky. Tube TVs are filled with hazardous chemicals and finding a place to dispose of them legally can be challenging.

Here's how Junk Guys USA can helps folks like you with their tube TV removal and disposal, for a guaranteed quote call 334-721-5865.

Why get your tube TV removed?

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to remove a tube TV. If you searched tube TV removal you probably are experiencing at least of these situations.

  • Upgrading. Many people are leveling up in size or model TV and getting rid of that old tube TV. If you can't find a need to keep your old tube TV in the garage or workshop then you will probably need your tube TV removed soon after the new flatscreen is delivered.
  • Appliances break and so do tube TVs. In some cases it doesn't make sense to make a $200 repair on a $15 tube TV. Higher end models might break too, but you will be hard pressed to find a TV repair service that will fix a tube TV no-a-days.
Whatever the reason you know it when you see it. Tube TV removal is needed and now you have to figure out how to get it out of your house and that new one in its place without breaking the bank. Tube TV removal can be tough work but here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Tube TV Removal: How to?

  • Many retailers offer free removal of you old Tube TV when you buy a new model and have it delivered and installed. This might be the perfect option for you if you are replacing your old tube TV and are needing someone to haul it off. Many electronic companies offer this service, sometimes for free or for a fee, be sure to ask when you're shopping for your new flat screen.
  • Sell your old working tube TV. If your old model still works, think about selling it on Facebook Marketplace,, eBay, or at a yard sale. You will be surprise to find some people still seek out large tube TVs so they can play old video games or do other hobbies like that. This might be the most cost effective way to remove a tube TV if it is in good working condition.
  • Tube TVs can be donated. You might need to get creative to find an organization who needs or wants an old tube TV. Senior centers, local shelters, food pantries, and other non-profit organizations might be able to use your old tube TV. Only donate it if it's still in working condition don't pass off a broken tube TV to someone else.
  • Recycling is an option too. Tube TVs are made of materials like steel, iron, copper, plastic, etc. If you can find the right place in your local area old tube TVs make great recyclable items. If you are included, you can disassemble the old tube TV and separate the different materials for recycling. You might be able to make a few dollars in the process. There is about a pound of copper in the average tube TV, several pounds of steel, and a few ounces of other metals that can be sold to scrap yards for anything between $2 - $.03 per pound. Make sure you wear proper PPE to protect yourself from lead exposure and other harmful chemicalsSearch online for a recycling center near you.

How do you get your unwanted tube TV removed.

The first step is to call a company like Junk Guys USA to schedule the removal. Be sure to ask for pricing upfront. Some important information you will need to provide is the size of the old tube TV (size of the screen), the brand or shape of the tube TV (some brands and shapes are significantly heavier than others and may require additional labor or equipment to complete the removal), the location in the house of office, and any other information you think may cause more difficulty with the tube TV removal.

While we are scheduling your tube TV removal we will ask you a few questions and then give you a quote of the removal. There are some special considerations that may add some costs to the removal for instance, is the tube TV upstairs or downstairs, is the tube TV oversized which will require additional equipment to remove, is there additional furniture or other items that will need to be moved to complete the tube TV removal.

How much does it cost to get my tube TV Removed?

The cost of tube TV removal can vary widely. With Junk Guys USA we will give you upfront guarantee prices from all our projects. You can find our base prices here on our pricing page. While we are scheduling your tube TV removal we will ask you a few questions and then give you a quote of the removal. There are some special considerations that may add some costs to the removal for instance, spoiled food inside, any like of leakage, is the tube tv upstairs or down stairs, is the tube tv oversized which will require additional equipment to remove.

Removing a tube TV by yourself is quite difficult, but if you are up to the challenge and have the means to haul off that old tube TV than by all means take on that challenge. In many cases tube TV removal is much more cost effective and stress free when you use a company like Junk Guys USA. Make sure you get upfront pricing before you make a decision. You can schedule your tube TV removal today by calling Junk Guys USA at 334-721-5865.

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