Up Front Pricing!

Up Front Pricing!

Junk Removal Pricing in Montgomery is straightforward with no surprises or hidden fees. When choosing Junk Guys USA you get your guaranteed quote before we start your project. Wait! What the heck does it mean to have a guaranteed price? That means the price we quote for your project will never go up, GUARANTEED!
That's all great, but how much will it cost? We know this is what you are thinking and that's why we added this page to our site. Let's get right down to it!

Estimating the cost of your project, yourself.

  1. First, estimating your project yourself does not guarantee the quote. Authorized Junk Guys USA field managers are able to issue guaranteed quotes which are guaranteed to never go up once the project is started. Project estimations may go up or down when the project is evaluated yourself, over the phone with our amazing Junk Guys USA team, or through phones you provide.
  2. Find the items you need to get removed.
    • If it is a single large item scroll down to the single item removal prices. You can find the base price for the most common removal requests. Additional costs may apply if there are special considerations like hazardous material, infestation, or if there will be extra labor required due to the location of the item.
    • But what if you have a whole room or an entire house you need cleaned out? That's just fine, estimating a large project is easy to do. Scroll down to the large project pricing section. There you will find easy to follow estimations for commonly requested projects.
  3. Add it up. When you are confident you know which items are going to be removed, use the easy to follow pricing guide to estimate your price. But remember, the price you estimate may change once your project is evaluated by our authorized field managers.

Large Junk Removal Project Pricing

When estimating your large junk removal project, Junk Guys USA calculates the total based on an easy to follow formula, $35 per cubic yard. Wait! What? What the hell is a cubic yard? We know it can be confusing, but here are some easy to follow guidelines for pricing.

  • A typical fully furnished bedroom is about eight cubic yards of material. For example:
    • Mattress
    • Boxspring
    • Bed frame
    • Dresser
    • Night stands
    • Small Desk / Chair
    • Book Shelves
    • Contents of Closet
    • Items stored under bed
    • Other Misc Items.

  • When you know what items are going to be removed you can now do the math.
    • Add up the estimated cubic yards.
    • Multiply your estimate by $35.
    • And you have your estimated total.

  • Now compare your options:
    • DIY Junk removal. When you do it yourself it will take multiple trips to the transfer station, landfill, or donation center. And your day ends with a sore back and one less vacation day.
    • Dumpster rental. Renting a container is a better option, a 20 cubic yard dumpster will cost between $375 and $750 plus dumping fees and a daily rental rate. You will still have to do all the work yourself and pay full price for the dumpster regardless of how full it is.
    • Call Junk Guys USA. You sit back and relax. If your project is 15 cubic yards you only pay for 15 cubic yards. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. We work with your schedule, and handle all the labor, hauling, and disposal.

  • When evaluating the items you need to get removed don't forget to think about weight. Items like pianos, oversized refrigerators, and hot tubs require additional labor and equipment to complete the removal. There may be additional costs associated with removing items like this.
  • If the items that are being removed are in the back room of the house or office and other furniture must be moved out of the way to complete the removal there may be additional costs.

  • If the items are in a difficult to reach space like an attic, basement, or shed there may be additional costs added.
That's just about it estimating your project can be this simple. If you have a smaller project check out our single item junk removal prices further down this page. Commonly requested items are listed below for your convenience.

Single Item Removal Pricing

The cost to remove a single large item is different than other junk removal projects. Listed below are some of the most common large items requested for removal. We listed the base price for the removal.

There are some situations which may add additional costs. For instance, location of the item is important to know, a piano on the third floor of an apartment with no elevator will require additional labor to complete the removal. On the other hand a small couch sitting on the front porch with a clear path for our team to remove and load the item does not need any additional work to complete the removal. In either case before the removal is started we will give you a guaranteed junk removal quote to ensure there are no surprises.

Common items requested for removal
Mattress Removal$85
Mattress Removal Up Stairs$95
Piano Removal$175 - $300
Recliner Removal$75
Recliner Removal Upstairs$85
Recliner with Husband$1,050
Metal Shed Removal (per sf)$3 - $4
Plastic Shed Removal (per sf)$2 - $3
Wood Shed Removal From (per sf)$4 - $5
Trampoline Removal$75 - $150
Treadmill Removal$75
TV Removal Large CR$85
TV Removal Small CRT$55
Beer RemovalFree
Metal CarPort Removal (per parking space)$200 - $250
Wood CarPort Removal (per parking space)$300 - $350
Couch Removal$85 - $150
Freezer Removal$75
Freezer Removal Upstairs$85
Freezer Removal with food insideAdd $90
Fridge Removal$75
Fridge Removal Up Stairs$85
Fridge with Food InsideAdd $90
Hair Removal$300
Hot Tub Removal$250 - $350
Hot Tub with BabesAdd $10 - $100
Other Larger Furniture$85 - $150

Junk Guys USA understands junk removal so well we are the only junk removal company in the Montgomery area who can guarantee their prices. Junk Guys USA understands junk removal so well we are the only junk removal company in the Montgomery area who can guarantee their prices. You'll be hard pressed to find another Junk Removal company who lays out their pricing the way Junk Guys USA does. Most junk haulers try to keep their pricing a secret so people feel like they don't have a choice. That's not how it works with Junk Guys USA, we know your time is extremely valuable and can't be wasted on secret pricing structures. This is why we provide guaranteed upfront pricing. Call us today and give us a try.