Memories Found While Decluttering in Montgomery


Cleaning out a cluttered room in you home can be extremely stressful for several reasons.  The items cluttering you space are filled with memories of you life and your family. The very idea of having these items removed or moved to a more appropriate storage area is like removing the memories of your past.  Junk Guys USA works with many clients Decluttering in Montgomery and working through stressful situations like this, quite often. Call us for a free quote. Whether the items are stored in an over packed attic or basement, or in boxes of personal items stacking in living areas we have cleaned it all.

Different types of Clutter

Sentimental Clutter

While Decluttering in Montgomery we help our clients find every type of clutter you can think ove.  Sentimental clutter can be items of almost any kind, but are usually items that have no real material value, yet are priceless due to the fact the items reminds you of a loved one, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or an event from your childhood.  These items serve as reminders of times, hopefully happy times, in your past. Going through each and every items in a space over run but this type of clutter is almost an impossible task. Throwing everything away is not an option for obvious reasons and boxing everything up to be put in storage can feel like turning you back on you past.  Yet, downsizing the amount of items you keep as reminders can be an uplifting experience also.  When decluttering a space use these ideas to help you get through the process while minimizing the negative aspects of decluttering sentimental items.

  1. If you find multiple items from the same event, person, or time, choose one or two to keep on display and discard the others by donating them.

  2. Take photos of nostalgic items you are not sure you will keep on hand and make a photo album of the items which can be shared much more easily will family and friends.

  3. Decide what each item really means to you and only keep the items you have a strong connection with.  Discard the rest knowing the items you have kept can be displayed with more prominence. 

Photographs Clutter

We tend to hold photographs on a higher level of importance when decluttering.  It can feel as if you are hurting the person in the photo you throwing away. Photos are unique in that they can be thrown away or stored away and never lost or forgotten.  There are many services that convert old photos to digital, allowing you to keep them in the cloud and share them more freely with the people in your life who share the memories. 

Clutter of your life

Diriaries, journals, school work, hobbies, etc.  Items like these remind you of how far you have come from when you were a child.  The hard work you put into our homework and the passion you had for our hobbies can be brought back to you while you are decluttering a space.  Removing these types of items can feel like an impossible task. Decluttering in Montgomery can uncover your past and bring back memories you thought were lost forever.  

Hobbies turned into Clutter

Unfinished projects, can be a very difficult thing to part with.  But this can be a blessing in disguise. If continueing the hobbie or finishing the project is truely importent to you, than you will have to make the space to do it.  All the other items will need to be moved or disposed of the make way for the you past activities. There are great feeling that come with finishing a project or actively engaging in a loved hobby.  Make the space and time to continue it can give you back those feelings.

Forgotten Task Clutter

While decluttering in Montgomery, it is very common to find tasks you completely forgot to do.  Some more important than others like returning books to the library downtown, renewing your insurence, or puting that old NetFlix DVD in the mail.  Regardless of the thing you forgot to do it can be a great relief to know these things are taken care of. Allowing clutter to hide you to do list can turn small simple tasks into mountians to climb later on.

Riches in the Clutter

Lost gift cards, unworn clothing, that jar of quarters.  Selling “valueable” item with little snetimental value is another great way to declutter you space.  There are many services online to help you sell you stuff, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, Craigslist, EBay, the list is almost endless.  With a little effort you make be able to recoop a few dollars to be used to make new memeries. Although sometimes at make take a long time to sell items like this and storage might endup being a problem so starting now can decluttering as you go is a great option.

Finding those memories

Finding these important items, long lost in a cluttered room can bring a great feeling of accomplishment.  Decluttering in Montgomery with Junk Guys USA can reignite discussions of family events, restart that unfinished project, and return those lost library books, but you also have reclaimed you space and made room for the present and the future.  Call us today to schedule a free quote and reclaim your space.