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Mattress Removal & Disposal

Where do you get rid of an old mattress in the Deatsville, Wetumpka & Montgomery, AL area? Junk Guys USA offers mattress removal in the Deatsville & Montgomery, AL area. Mattresses and box springs can be difficult to dispose of; this is why you see them littering the streets or taking up space in your spare rooms. They can't simply be put them in the trash; they're too large, heavy and way too bulky for a regular trash truck. If you are planning on turning to a landfill for your mattress removal, most landfills are not even accepting mattresses anymore, they take up too much space, and the springs can damage equipment. Goodwill and Salvation Army can't even take them as donations any more due to hygienic reasons like bedbugs. Of course, you decide to dispose of a mattress on your own here are some tips. Get all the tools need to dismantle the whole thing and bag up all the parts before throwing it in the regular trash to be sent to the landfill. Or, you can call every dumpsite in the Tri-County area and ask if they allow mattresses and box springs to be dumped, you might find one that can help with your mattress removal dilemma. Then you can ask your buddy with a truck to help you move the mattress and take it across town to the landfill where you will end up with a nail or two in your tires. Or you can illegally dump it on the side of the road and risk a huge fine... or worse. All these would be options... if you didn't know about us. With Junk Guys USA, we offer junk removal in Deatsville & Montgomery, AL. All it takes is for you to book an appointment either on the phone by calling 334-721-JUNK or online, right here. We do everything else for you: all the lifting, all the hauling, and all the recycling and disposal.

Here's how we do Mattress Removals in Deatsville, Wetumpka & Montgomery, AL

With Junk Guys USA all it takes is for you to book a mattress removal appointment either on the phone by calling 334-721-5865 or online, right here. We do everything else for you. All the lifting, all the hauling, and all the disposal and recycling all you do is point and relax. Junk Guys USA is striving to recycle every mattress completely we remove. To date, we are at approximately 75% of all mattress materials by volume being recycled and never entering a landfill. Here's how our world-class service works:

  1. Simply, and easily schedule your mattress removal online or by giving us a calling at 334-721-5865. We are currently offering mattress removal in Montgomery, Pike Road, Prattville, Wetumpka, and surrounding areas.
  2. Our friendly... and pretty awesome Junk Guys USA crew will confirm the appointment with you via phone call, text or email.
  3. When we arrive, we're ready to work, point, and we do the rest.
  4. After the old mattress is loaded, we can process the payment via Credit Card, PayPal, or a Check. And you're done. Once we move the mattress, we take it to our holding area where it's processed and recycled if possible and/or disposed of.

If you're calling on behalf of a hospital, hotel, or nursing home for a mattress removal give us a call so we can accommodate your busy schedule as best we can. Also when removing multiple mattresses at once, we can offer a bulk removal discount.

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