Dresser Removal and Disposal

Getting rid of old Dresser when you are moving, or even when you are buying a new bedroom set, can become quite a difficult project. Dressers are made to be heavy, hard to move, and are nearly impossible to lift by yourself. Getting extra help, and the right tools for the job is extremely important.

If you are lucky enough to find someone to help you lift these heavy items you will still need to find a way to get it to the donation center, transfer station, or landfill. Here is how Junk Guys USA takes care of dresser removal. You can book your pickup today by calling 334-721-5865.

Dresser disposal near you

Luckily, dresser removal doesn't have to be complicated or stressful. The Junk Guys USA team prides itself on making all the dresser disposal obstacles go away. With our guaranteed pricing you will know choosing Junk Guys USA was the best decision you've made when getting rid of your old dresser.

When we arrive at our scheduled pickup time you don't have to do anything except point at the items you need removed. Once everything is loaded we ensure that it is delivered to the right place for donation, recycling, or disposal. It's really that simple!

Here's how our service works:

  1. Simply request an estimate or guaranteed quote by submitting your request here or by calling 334-721-5865.
  2. Our awesome Junk Guys USA team will call you to confirm your request before your scheduled appointment.
  3. When we arrive, the only thing you need to do is point to the dresser you need to get removed, approve the service order with your guaranteed quote, and we'll do the rest.
  4. When everybody is ready we remove the dresser and other items you need disposed of and finish up by sweeping up the area.

With Junk Guys USA, dresser removal is really that simple. We pride ourselves on providing stress free Dresser removal and make it our mission to provide the very best service possible.

Some folks still want to tackle Dresser removal themselves. Here are some frequently asked questions for the DIY dresser remover.

Can you throw a large dresser in a dumpster at my apartment complex?

Do NOT throw your large dresser in any dumpster unless you have expressed permission from the dumpster company, or the person or company who is renting the dumpster. You can be slapped with a fine for illegal dumping or worse. Normal garbage trucks can't handle large dressers. Each dumpster you see has been rented or purchased to haul specific types of material like food waste, construction debris, storm debris, etc. If material is mixed there can be hefty fines issued to the dumpster company and the renter. Even if the dumpster is being used to haul old furniture you still have to have permission to use it. A large dresser can take up between two to three cubic yards of space which can force the dumpster to get filled before the intended project is complete.

Can't I put my old dresser on the curb to let someone have it for free?

The best answer is to review the local ordinances to make sure you don't get handed a fine for illegally dumping or penalized by your HOA. If nobody takes the item it can end up causing more trouble for you. Critters like to make homes in piles of debris, and wet dressers are more difficult to remove so the costs to remove your old Dresser may increase if it's left outside in the elements.

Who can I get to remove my old Dresser?

There are a few options to remove old Dresser:

  • Check with your city's sanitation department and see if they offer curbside pick up for large items. Most areas require items to be smaller than four feet long. Regulations, and the department's capabilities vary depending on the area you are in.
  • List your old dresser on social media to sell or give away. Be sure you are ready for the wave of tire kickers and no shows.
  • Donate your old dresser to a charity. More than likely you will have to take it to them yourself.
  • Haul your old dresser to the dump yourself. Here's how to do it.
    • First beg your friend to borrow their truck.
    • Drag your large dresser outside and load it.
    • Drive to the correct landfill.
    • Unload the Dresser without banging up your friend's paint job.
    • Prepare an apology for picking up a couple nails in your friend brand new tires at the dump.
  • Hire a professional junk removal service like Junk Guys USA to take care of your dresser removal for you.

What can I do with an old dresser, when moving locations?

Most moves include a large amount of furniture. The first thing you need to do is take inventory. Make a decision on what items you will be taking to furnish your new space. Give some of it away to your family or a charity. Sell some online. Next figure out if there are items that are broken and mark these for removal and disposal. Everything that is left over should be considered for removal by a professional junk removal service like Junk Guys USA which can make the furniture removal process much easier for you.

Can wood dressers be recycled?

In some cases, yes. There are types of wood that are treated with chemicals which make them difficult to recycle. Others are coated to paint or other finishings which could prevent recycling. The best way to find out what is available in your area is to call your local recycling center.

If you have a broken, old, or just unwanted dresser call Junk Guys USA today for a free guaranteed quote for your dresser removal and disposal. Call today 334-721-5865.

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