Sofa Removal & Disposal in Deatsville, Wetumpka & Montgomery, AL

Where do you get rid of that old Sofa? Sofa removal is no easy task as sofas can be difficult to dispose of. They can't simply toss an old sofa into the trash, they're too heavy, and way too bulky for a regular trash truck or dumpster. Alot of landfills are not even accepting sofas anymore, they take up too much space and damage equipment with they are pushed. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other resale shops except sofas as donation but their standards are extremely high nowadays and will turn you way if they find even the smallest tear in the upholstery. When disposing of a sofa yourself the costs start to add up pretty quickly, renting a truck ($50) Gas ($10), Dumping fees ($30-$60). Not to mention the stress added to you life whoever is helping you after dealing will the headache of disposing of your sofa.
Sofa removal and disposal is stress free when you use a service like Junk Guys USA and usually ends up costing the same amount as if you did it yourself and you don't have to do a thing. The friendly Junk Guys USA team showup at a time that works for you, they have the trucks, and the muscles to remove that old sofa and free up your space. They handle all aspects of the sofa removal and all you have to do is find new place to relax because that old sofa will be gone forever. Give Junk Guys USA a call at 334-721-5865 for upfront guarantee pricing and on time service. Or, you can reach out to all the verious dumpsites in the montgomery area and to see if they allow sofas and to be dumped, you might get lucky.
If you decide to remove your sofa yourself, here are some helpful tips, kind of. First, find a friend with a truck to help you move the Sofa and take it to the local landfill who might allow you to dump it there. Second, bring a spare tire and your best appology for your buddy because you will definitely pick up a few nails in your friend's brand new tires. Another option is to find a nice spot in the woods to leave that old sofa there it .... Just Joking! That's call illegal dumping and you will definitely get slapped with a major fine and in some cases jail time.
Sofa removal is easy peasy with Junk Guys USA, all you have to do is book an appointment either on the phone by calling 334-721-JUNK or online, right here. We do everything else for you. All the lifting, hauling, and disposal with no stress of the sofa removal going to you. Sofa removal is super easy with Junk Guys USA, so don't wait call today!
If you still need more informatio to understand how Junk Guys USA removes Sofas, keep reading below. Sofa removal is so easy with Junk Guys USA, it's a no brainer. That's not to say you don't have a brain.

Here's how Sofa removal with Junk Guys USA works:

1. First, easily schedule your Sofa removal online or call us at 334-721-JUNK. We offer Sofa removal in Deatsville, Montgomery, AL and surrounding areas. In most cases we are able to give you an upfront guaranteed price for the sofa removal over the phone or through text or email. That means no hidden fees, extra costs, or any surprises when we arrive. The price we quote is Guaranteed to never go up. Other Junk Removal folks can't offer this they try to hide their pricing and jake up the fee when they showup to remove the sofa hoping you will be pressed for time to make other arrangements. Not with Junk Guys USA, every sofa removal gets Upfront Guaranteed Pricing!
2. Our friendly... and super awesome Junk Guys USA team will confirm the appointment with a call or text.
3. When our team arrives, we're ready to work, just point and we remove the sofa. If you have other items that need to be removed, no problem you can check out the services page here here, after we get there it's common for people to realize there are more items they forgot about in the garage, attic, or basement and it just makes sense to get it all removed at the same time.
4. After the old Sofa is removed and loaded we can process the payment via Credit Card, PayPal, or a Check. And your done! Once we remove the Sofa we take it to our holding area where it's processed and recycled if possible and/or disposed of. Check out what people are saying about our team here.

Where does Junk Guys USA take the sofas they remove?

Junk Guys USA has a simple order of operation when removing a Sofa or any other furniture.


Sofas that can be donated are taken to a local donation center. Junk Guys USA has connections with reputable 501c3 organization who benefit the community and if the sofa we removed is a good fit we take it straight to them. As an added bonus you can claim the donation on your tax return!


Some sofas can not be donated but have materials that can be recycled, we disassemble them and the materials are separated.


In a lot of cases sofas are in really bad shape so they can not be donated or recycled. Junk Guys USA works closely with local landfills and waste transfer stations and they deliver the Sofa to the appropriate location.

If you're calling on behalf of a hospital, hotel, or nursing home just give us a call so we can accommodate your busy schedule as best we can. Also when removing multiple Sofas at once we can offer a bulk removal discount.

How much does it cost to get my Sofa Removed?

In most cases we are able to give you an upfront guaranteed price for the sofa removal. That means no hidden fees, extra costs, or any surprises when we arrive. When you call Junk Guys USA to schedule you Sofa removal there are a few questions we will ask to ensure we can guarantee the price we quote. The price we quote is guaranteed to never go up. Sofa removal pricing can be found on our single item pricing page found here. In most sofa removal projects we need to know a little information, the type of sofa, size, and location of the sofa removal after a brief call of text we will have all the information we need to provide the upfront and guaranteed price for your sofa removal.
Sofa removal can be as easy as a phone call. If your sofa is broken, worn out, or just out of date, give us a call or fill out the form here. We will have that old Sofa removed and you space ready for your new one. Don't wait till the last minute to plan for the sofa removal. Call Junk Guys USA today and get your space ready to go, quick, fast, and in a hurry.

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