Up Front Pricing!

Up Front Pricing!

Junk Removal Pricing in Montgomery is straightforward with no surprises or hidden fees. Junk Guys USA has a complete list of single items we remove and the price you pay for our service. Ask about our Seppo-Rate to receive a discount on our service. If the item is disassembled, or moved to a more convenient location for pickup, we offer our Seppo-Rate. Which saves you money! If you have more than one or two items that need to be removed our pricing structure changes to a per cubic yard basis. So the more junk you have the bigger the discount will be. Learn more about cleaning out a room, removing garage junk, cleaning our a shed and more on our Junk Removal Page.

So let's get started!

For single items you need removed click here the visit our single item Junk Removal Section on this page. Remember if you have more than a couple items call us for a quote. Affordable Mattress removal and disposal, cheap furniture removal, and couch removal costs are all listed on this page.

If you have a house, rental property, land, or commercial space that needs to be cleaned out in Montgomery here's how the quoting process works.

  • We schedule a walk through with you or your property manager.
  • When we arrive our Junk Removalist will take notes on the items you need removed, taken to storage, and left in place. Along with any items that may need additional care in the removal and disposal process. For example, batteries, wet paint, items that need to be disassembled, and items that need special equipment for the removal.
  • Finally we will give you the estimate for the project. We never go over budget but there are many times we come under budget which means you enjoy the savings. We charge by the cubic yard so if we miscalculated and end up removing less than the end price comes down. If we end up removing more well that was our mistake and the price stays the same. This is our Quoted Price Guarantee!

It's that simple! Finding the most affordable junk removal company in Montgomery is stress free. With Junk Guys USA not only are you getting amazing service that meets you deadlines but you are also getting upfront cost for junk removal with no surprises.

Think of us like a roll off dumpster rental in Montgomery. Except, we do all the work. If you order a dumpster rental you are paying for the full dumpster, so a 30 cubic yard dumpster might cost you $400 to $500 plus the workers to load it. If the dumpster is only filled half way than you pay full price! With Junk Guys USA if we estimate the project will fill a 30 cubic yard dumpster we will give you a complete and comprehensive quote. We provide all the labor, hauling and disposal. If, at the end of the project we only removal 20 cubic yards of material, guess what, you only pay for 20 cubic yards! We can't get this kind of junk removal deal anywhere else.

There's a reason Junk Guys USA is the highest rated and most review Junk Removal Service in the Montgomery, AL area. We understand junk removal costs and we know that junk removal prices are important to our clients.

Single Item Junk Removal Removal Prices

Mattress Removal


Mattress Removal Up Stairs


Piano Removal

$100 - $300

Recliner Removal


Recliner Removal Upstairs


Recliner with Husband


Shed, Metal Removal (per sf)

$3 - $4

Shed, Plastic Removal (per sf)

$2 - $3

Shed, Wood From (per sf)

$4 - $5

Trampoline Removal

$75 - $150

Treadmill Removal


TV Removal Large CRT


TV Removal Small CRT


Beer Removal


Car Port, Metal Removal (per space)

$200 - $250

Car Port, Wood Removal (per space)

$300 - $350

Couch Removal

$75 - $100

Freezer Removal


Freezer Removal Upstairs


Freezer Removal with food inside


Fridge Removal


Fridge Removal Up Stairs


Fridge with Food Inside


Hair Removal


Hot Tub Removal

$250 - $350

Hot Tub with Babes

+$10 - $100

Couch Removal

$75 - $100

Couch Removal Up Stairs

$95 - $125