What is Junk Removal?

Everybody has household items like damaged/worn out furniture, remodeling debris, or unwanted items they need to dispose of. Junk is the word we use to describe items like this.

How much does it cost?

Junk removal is surprisingly affordable. Our typical junk removal project ranges from $75 to $350 although the total price depends on the total volume of material we remove. All our pricing includes labor, hauling, and disposal. There are never any hidden fees or renegotiating the agreed upon Service Order. Compared Junk Guys USA full service to the cost of dumpster rental in the Montgomery area which can range from $250 to $950 regardless of whether or not the container is full, plus the cost for labor, and in most cases a daily rental fee, and additional costs for dumping.
For all our projects we provide free onsite evaluations and guaranteed quotes. Our minimum charge to remove a single large item is $75, additional charges may apply for special considerations (See our single item pick up of pricing on common items we remove and dispose of). Larger projects are calculated based on cubic yards, at a $35 per cubic yard rate, for basic household material. Additional charges may apply for material requiring special considerations, for instance mold, infestation, human/animal waste, overly dense/heavy material, or material that requires additional time, labor, or equipment to remove. Every project is different so we offer free onsite quotes to ensure you are getting the very best price for our service. And remember, our quotes are guaranteed which means once the project is defined in our scope of work and agreed upon by you, the price will never go up. However, if by chance the time, volume, or conditions of the removal were overestimated, which happens from time to time, we will pass the savings on to you and your final invoice will be lower than quoted.

Where does JunkGuys USA take all that junk?

Donate, Recycle, Dispose. Sometimes we remove damaged furniture or old household items that are still serviceable. Items like this are candidates for donation. We deliver only items which will not create a problem for the donation location for. Too often we see people using donation centers as a dumping site and we do not want to be part of that problem. Some material is suitable for recycling, we make an effort to recycle as much material as possible to include, plastics, mattresses, paper, and more. And finally when there is no other course of action we dispose of the material at one of the local landfills.

Where can I take my junk?

Any of the major landfills or recycling centers in the Montgomery area take a variety of material just call ahead so you know you are going to the right place. Remember to borrow a truck from a friend, you don't want to be driving you personal vehicle into a landfill. Junk Guys USA use large trucks to deliver disposables and we routinely get stuck in the mud and on a weekly basis we are plugging holes on our tires after picking up nails at the dumping site. Landfills typically charge by the cubic yard or by weight and rarely help with the unloading of the items you are dropping off.

I see dumpsters everywhere. Can I just leave my old couch next to it so the trash truck can pick it up?

NO! That is called illegal dumping. The easiest way to get slapped with a minimum $500 fine and even criminal charges is to illegally dump trash, household items, or old furniture on someone else's property. We encourage everybody to report Illegal dumping as quickly as possible. Not only is it an environmental nightmare, but illegal dumping sends a signal to people that laws are not enforced in the area which fosters even more criminal activity.

Why won't my trash service pickup my old couch from the curb?

Handling trash and garbage is dangerous work, dealing with heavy equipment, hazardous materials and street traffic. Because of this most trash services have a strict policy, preventing the operators from getting out of the trucks and the equipment they use is not setup to handle large items so they require material to be the appropriate size to be lifted safely. If trash or junk is not inside the dumpster or is too large for their equipment, it does not get removed, and small items get blown away by the wind, and large items make great homes for animals.

The house next door has a dumpster outside can I throw my old couch or old tv inside?

No! That's illegal dumping your neighbor has rented that dumpster because they have a project that will fill it up. If you put material inside you are potentially forcing them to order another dumpster to make up the difference. There are fees for each time a dumpster is picked up which can be as high as $950 depending on the size of dumpster. Also, dumpster companies have strict regulations they must follow in regards to the material they allow to be removed. For instance furniture should never be placed in a food waste dumpster and food waste should never be placed with construction debris. And hazardous waste should never be placed in any dumpster. In some causes it is even more strict and can cause the dumpster company or your neighbor to be fined for not complying with waste handling regulations.